EXORDIUM e-journal

The University of Queensland's Student Philosophy Journal

2018 Submissions

Submissions for Exordium‘s 2018 issue have now closed. During the submissions period, we accept original work of any word length or size relating to the discipline of Philosophy. This includes: articles, essays, book reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, short-form fiction, poetry, and visual art. You may submit more than one piece per issue, however usually no more than one will be selected. Submissions should be sent to exordium.uq@gmail.com

Submission Requirements:

  • If your work has been submitted to UQ as assessment, the submission must state the grade percentage you received; and this must be a grade of 6-7 (preferably 85% and above). We recommend that you make any minor changes suggested by whoever assessed your work before submitting it to us, and that you include details of any suggestions for major changes in your submission.
  • Submissions must include a title, your name, and a 2-3 sentence abstract which briefly summarises the work’s argument or philosophical relevance.
  • For referenced works, please use Chicago 16A (footnotes) as the referencing system.
  • Lastly, Exordium will not publish anything that encourages discrimination on the basis of race (including colour and nationality), gender identity, sexual orientation, religious belief, etc. Following this, all work must be written or presented using inclusive (for example, gender-neutral) language. See the University of Queensland guidelines here: https://ppl.app.uq.edu.au/content/1.70.06-discrimination-and-harassment. 

If your work is chosen for submission, we will be in contact through email to start the editing process. Please feel free to contact either of the editors (details here) with any questions you may have.

Thank you in advance for your submissions, and we look forward to reading them!

Maddy and Bridie (Editors)