The University of Queensland’s student philosophy journal, Exordium, has been running for some decades now. This online iteration of Exordium was originated by UQ student Rose Trappes in 2015, with the support of others in the Student Philosophy Association at the University of Queensland. Following this, the journal passed into the hands of fellow student Nicholas Holt, and from 2017-2020 was subsequently run by PhD candidates Madeleine Shield and Bridget Allan. The current editors of the journal are PhD candidates Codie Pia and Talia Fell.

All issues of Exordium are compiled by a team of editors and reviewers, usually UQ philosophy students, and are published here at exordiumuq.org. The contact details of the current Editorial Team can be found here.

Exordium relies on submissions from undergraduate students and postgraduate students alike. Every issue includes a wide range of philosophical themes and forms of expression—mostly articles and essays but some issues also include poems, art, short stories and other media. Topics range from metaphysics right through to aesthetics, and we welcome a diverse variety of submissions. We especially encourage submissions from members of underrepresented groups in Philosophy. Please see our Submissions page here for more details.

Featured image by Alejandro Gonzalez Valle