Editor’s Welcome: Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of the University of Queensland’s student philosophy magazine, Exordium. It is with great pleasure that … More

Hume and the Problem of Induction by William Bindley

Hume’s problem of induction concerns the justification of inductive inferences which is to make predictions based on events. If I infer that some event B will follow from event A by causal necessity, I must suppose the future will resemble the past, which is to suppose that the laws of nature will not change. However, the only way I could justify a belief that the laws of nature will stay regular is by appealing to induction which is the very thing in question.

Active Euthanasia – Not That Bad? by Kianu Stirling

Using the arguments: relief from suffering, appeal to consistency (specifically between passive and active voluntary euthanasia), and an argument for patient autonomy, it will be suggested that laws in Queensland regarding active voluntary euthanasia be brought to the same standards as passive voluntary euthanasia.

Revelations – A Short Story by Tom Clark

After unearthing an ancient artefact buried deep below their subterranean facility, two scientists become obsessed by what had always been an ordinary door. When one of the men submits to its siren-song, and isn’t seen again, his colleague follows. What he finds beyond the door not only reveals the truth behind humanity’s hidden past, but also its ominous future.

Spinoza and the Virtuously Suicidal Octopus by James Meggitt

Can suicide be virtuous? In his Ethics, Benedict Spinoza claims that no thing contains within its essence, or contatus, the ability to destroy itself. But what about Graneledone boreopacifica, the deep water octopus who sacrifices her own life for the survival of her young?

Can Music Pay Off in the Internet Age? by Michael Veal

Before internet streaming, music consumption was entirely unit-based. However, the rising prevalence of streaming sites is curbing this trend by altering the way in which we interact with our favourite songs and artists. We examine how music streaming has revolutionised the way that we relate to music consumption, and the effect these services have had on both consumers and producers within the music industry.