Editor’s Welcome: Issue 3

Dear readers,


Welcome to our third issue and to our brand new website!

As always, this issue features some great pieces from your fellow UQ philosophy students. Not only do we have some great essays on topics ranging from identity to the environment, time to tattoos, we also have two poems and a (sadly, fictional) dialogue featuring some well-known personalities.

Sadly this semester is my last as an editor of Exordium. But not to worry, you’ll be in capable hands. I’m pleased to say that our brand new editorial team – Jakam, Nick, Sean, Andrew, Elese and Rob – have done an excellent job this semester bringing in the new issue and I am very grateful for all their help. They will take over as I take off to colder climes, and I look forward to reading future issues of Exordium for years to come.

Thank you to all the authors, reviewers, and of course the readers for all your support over the last year and a half. I’ve had a great time as editor and it’s been an inspiration and a privilege to bring you such quality work from my fellow students.

All the best,


Rose Trappes

Chief Editor, Exordium


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