By Anonymous

Mind’s Eye Racing Through a Grove of Words

Mind’s eye racing through a grove of words,

and bushels formed of sheaves of thoughts,

Footsteps along a concept’s lights,

taken quickly before a new idea

briskly snatches attention away

and I trip, distracted,

upon my own keenness.

Two Soaring Towers of Parallel Stone

Two soaring towers of parallel stone

Though dwarfed beside glass rectangles which shine

to belie their heft.

Dark, dual rock plinths draw the eye,

Their heaviness palpable, they pull in light with their substance.

Perceptibly solid, their mass immense,

Their weight is measured by sight from a distance

And is logged as greater, more spectacular than glass,

And the mind is convinced they might as well be taller.

Between these towers, a gorge;

no perhaps more a fjord – a tirth.

Dying dusk light passing through

This space, attaches the pair;

The perceiver considers them as one/together

Adding to their gravitas more than if singly considered.

Anonymous is a student at UQ, currently completing one of their majors in Philosophy alongside another degree.

Featured image by Jeff Baland via flickr