A Buddhist Perspective on Suicide

by Chara Scroope

The following video includes themes of suicide which may trigger some viewers.

Note: Both Exordium and the author would like to acknowledge the recent move away from the use of the phrasing ‘to commit suicide’, and hope that its use in this video does not offend any viewers. This video was created a number of years ago, although we at Exordium feel that it remains a highly educational and thought-provoking resource for interested viewers. It is our hope that its inclusion in this issue can also assist in the overall destigmatisation of discussions on suicide.

Please remember that support is available Australia-wide on the following numbers:

Headspace – 1800 650 890

Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636

Lineline – 13 11 14

Chara is a content writer for the Cultural Atlas, a collaborative project between SBS, IES and Multicultural NSW that aims to improve social cohesion and promote inclusion in an increasingly culturally diverse society. She graduated from the University of Queensland in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), majoring in Philosophy and Studies in Religion, and a Bachelor of Social Science. She is deeply passionate about including more diverse voices in otherwise excluded areas, especially in the field of Philosophy.

Featured image ‘Flags – Infinite!’ by Manoj Vivek via Unsplash


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