Issue 1 July 2015

Editor’s welcome

Laughter as a ‘Serious’ Matter: an analysis of laughter’s social captivity and its emancipatory potential
Emma Wilson

Climate Change and the Inconvenience of Individual Liberty
Deanna Simpson

Arief Arman

Čapek’s costly route to relativistic presentism
Hayden Wilkinson

A Critical Analysis of Moore’s ‘Proof of an External World’
Zachary Ong

Logic, self-interest, and Nietzsche as a youthful indiscretion: an interview with David Parsons
Rose Trappes

Menzies on causation: difference-making and its flaws
Hayden Wilkinson

Proletarian Pessimism and Bourgeois Optimism: Marx and Keynes on the state and crisis tendencies in capitalism
Dinesh Devaraj

Re-thinking the Political in Lyotard’s Libidinal Economy and Naked Lunch
Alana Clegg

Education, cricket bats, and philosophy in the public domain: an interview with Michelle Sowey
Rose Trappes