Issue 1

July 2015


Issue 1: Editor’s welcome


Laughter as a ‘Serious’ Matter: an analysis of laughter’s social captivity and its emancipatory potential – Emma Wilson


Climate Change and the Inconvenience of Individual Liberty – Deanna Simpson


Meanderings – Arief Arman


Čapek’s costly route to relativistic presentism – Hayden Wilkinson


A Critical Analysis of Moore’s ‘Proof of an External World’ – Zachary Ong


Logic, self-interest, and Nietzsche as a youthful indiscretion: an interview with David Parsons – Rose Trappes


Menzies on causation: difference-making and its flaws – Hayden Wilkinson


Proletarian Pessimism and Bourgeois Optimism: Marx and Keynes on the state and crisis tendencies in capitalism – Dinesh Devaraj


Re-thinking the Political in Lyotard’s Libidinal Economy and Naked Lunch – Alana Clegg


Education, cricket bats, and philosophy in the public domain: an interview with Michelle Sowey – Rose Trappes